The Science of Visioning

BRAIN NEUROSCIENCE tells us that the brain is infinitely plastic, and that the mind can be instrumental in activating neural circuitry which makes new connections between brain functions. With increased efficiency, the immune system is strengthened to overcome disease, and the ‘hard wiring’ for happiness is more readily available. Our next evolutionary leap is consciously to manage the inner circuitry of positive emotion and live up to our potential by creating a fuller, richer life style.
VISION JOURNAL provides all the support and practice you need to train your two hemispheres to interconnect more efficiently. In order to ‘re-wire’ the brain in an integral way, many materials can be used for Visioning, according to your interests and ideas. Dr Lucia Capacchione’s unique Visioning® approach uses Creative Journal involving both the dominant and non dominant hands, which completes the activation process for the WHOLE BRAIN.
CLIA COACHING offers improvisational activities integrated with poetry, rhythm, song, improvisation and dance, which help bring neural integration to the energy systems of the body.

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