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Get in touch with your light hearted side!

  • Relax

  • Have fun

  • Enjoy sharing insights in small groups

Recent research suggests that relaxation, emotional flexibility and empathic open mindedness are helpful ways of balancing the brain and staying healthy.

  • A group project in Bristol, 2010Do you want to lighten up and feel more positive about life?
  • Do you want to have fun making changes in your life that you have always wanted?
  • Is your group in need of a creative brainstorm about its creative ideas?
  • Do you want support with play and learning support for your children?

Adapting to change can be deeply rewarding, and only involves three takes:

  • take a step back to reflect and review
  • take a renewed vision of where you want to do
  • take a willingness to be open to opportunity

‘Creative Heaven’ Reflections from the IEATA Conference 2009

The conference offered opportunities for us to hear from other expressive therapists around the world, and to link in a way that made the world itself feel a different place for me. I am so grateful for all those memories, and look forward very much to meeting up again and building on our community feeling. Most importantly, it gave Anna and I a chance to put our niche into a bigger picture, and define the way we train others and run our Play Team Association with a broader , more informed sense of relevance and vision. Hope is alive and well and living in some brave, creative hearts. Continue reading

Brain Training

Expanded Conciousness and all that…
We are moving into a new era where the mystic, Buddhist, and others paths of self development are being fully explained in current neurochemistry research.  Paying attention, mindfulness, compassion and creative reverie are all experiences we have had.  Now brain research suggests that if we could use these skills more often, our lives might change out of all recognition. We might be capable of anything:  self healing, super powers of concentration and performance, heightened awareness, intuitive processing, effective clarity of vision, and unbounded optimism.

Continue reading

The Science of Visioning

BRAIN NEUROSCIENCE tells us that the brain is infinitely plastic, and that the mind can be instrumental in activating neural circuitry which makes new connections between brain functions. With increased efficiency, the immune system is strengthened to overcome disease, and the ‘hard wiring’ for happiness is more readily available. Our next evolutionary leap is consciously to manage the inner circuitry of positive emotion and live up to our potential by creating a fuller, richer life style. Continue reading