MATWORK – Embodying a Dream

Downloading your vision or dream and getting ready to go

‘Whatever you dream of doing, begin it now.’

Embodying a dream or vision involves ‘acting as if’ it was already ‘real’, and it involves making a quest then stepping onto a symbolic path in the room so that your imagination and intention are given a magnetic link is made into your body. You now can see yourself acting and moving in the future life that you desire, and the magic can begin.

The Quest:   Visioning begins with Creative Journal Visioning®, making a collage and questing the meanings of the images you used.  This is followed by vision embodiment, which allows your body to act as though you had achieved your dream.  This is very powerful ‘kidology’ where your subconscious is activated to believe in your goal so deeply that it feels as though it was already a part of your life.

Matwork – begin the visionary’s path:   Step by step creative mat-play uses coloured mats to symbolise your life’s path, so that you get to walk into your vision, challenge the obstacles in your way to release your passion and commitment, and then feel the joy of achieving your goal throughout the whole body. A guide asks questions while you role play each part of your inner world in order to inhabit the totality of your intuitive imagination:

Magic of magnetism:  At this point you are capable of magnetising your vision into your life.  Apparent coincidences coming along which guide your quest, calling for trust and support from friends to keep that belief in your vision alive.  You become fired up with optimism, a plan for tomorrow forms in your mind and you just want to go for it.  To your surprise you find opportunities coming into your life that synchronise with your plans – it is time to celebrate.

Gratitude:  Release your vision in a magical landscape, with trees and rock as your altar of gratitude:

 Nature’s Magic is Your Own Magic.

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