Adults need to relearn how to play, and support children from a deep empathic
imagination that allows them to keep their own space without interruption, intervention, or judgement.
This non judgemental listening and facilitating
approach can be developed with expressive arts for learning support.

Home Education

Drama with puppets, wigs, masks, etc, became a project for home video production
in which language, scripting, directing and DVD production were the curriculum

‘Captain Karanga and Harry’ – Home Education, 2004

‘Three Wise Men’ – home education, 2005

Non Directive PlayTraining – an introduction to the Play Team Approach

The aim of this training is to become a listening witness to a child’s play. Play Team Association.
Reflective listening underpins this work and there are many opportunities to learn and practice this skill. The training consists of a series of exercises to increase awareness of childhood issues.

The afternoons during this training are devoted to play. As we do not have children to practise on, we practice on one another. This gives the opportunity to play as a child our selves, in pairs taking turns as the playing child or the ‘witness’ to the play. Use of creative art materials will encourage the spirit of play and enable you to be familiar with paint, clay, sand etc. An important part of this training is the feedback and discussion time that follows the exercises.

We share lunch together, which is also a valuable part of this course (lunch is provided).

We recommend that you read one or all of the following before the training:

  • Dibs in Search of Self by Virginia Axline, Penguin.
  • Creative Listening by Rachel Pinney (£3 + p&p)*
  • Children’s Hours by Rachel Pinney (£3 + p&p)
  • The Play Team’s Expressive Arts Manual (£5 + p&p)*
    (*These can be obtained by contacting The Play Team or a Local Trainer)

This course is accredited by the Open College Network, under the title of “Non-Directive Play” and the completion of a learning journal is a part of the assessment criteria.

Dates and times:

Four Day OCN Accredited Training: tba

  • Cost: £360/person.

One Day ‘Introduction to Child Directed Play’ 10am – 3.30pm;

  • School booking £50
  • Concessions £20.

Evening Talks and Tasters, 7 – 9pm by appointment

  • Cost: £8


  • The Play Team Association:;
  • Trainer (South West): Charlotte Yonge, PhD: Tel: 01769 573243; Email:
  • Member of IEATA – International Expressive Arts Therapy Association, European Branch Conference, 2011 (tba)

Click here for an Introduction to the Play Team Association.