Research Articles


The first article ‘I am It the Clown’ was written in conjunction with my PhD and described the way classroom group learning involved exchanges between children that concerned the social dimension of learning.  In order to understand the classroom task, children talk about associated experiences and meanings, one aspect of which is identity:  one boy exclaimed ‘I am It the Clown’ referring to his love of inventing stories.  The main theme of the article is the problem of researching classroom activities.

CLICK HERE – ITClown article

This report was made of how multi-media activities were developed in home education for a child with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Here are some of his early cartoons referred to in the report, which later developed into computerised cartoon and stop-motion videos:

‘Cat and Mouse’ using photo montage.

‘Fox and Dog’ – developing emotional themes and character reactions.

‘Rage’ – developing character reactions.

Using a storyboard, AS learned how to form dialogue and action strips.  These were later used to create home videos, which in turn were converted into DVD with professionally designed layout etc.

This report was part of a Diploma in Emotional Literacy Development.