Free Worksheets for Parents and Children

CLIA provides Expressive Arts activities for parents to learn to play and enjoy joining in with their children.  Here are some helpful hints and creative journal prompts that are easy to use to reflect on what it’s like being a parent without judgement. Find another parent friend and do the exercises together with a cup of tea, you could have lots to share with each other.

Creative Journal: The following is adapted with gratitude from ‘Creative Journal for Children’ by Lucia Capacchione.

Chose a topic and write a journal prompt on the top of a page, e.g. ‘I draw what I like doing, I write about what I draw’.  Children love exploring their feelings and thoughts with pictures and a few words.


We are all beings of huge creative potential.  This involves many mood changes, amongst busy living. These resource sheets are quick and simple guides to using journal for those sticky moments of challenge.  They can give you a self acceptance and willingness to carry on learning through times of stress.

They are here for you to explore how your Creative Self can unfold and bring new life to your family, career, your leisure, your garden and all the other important aspects of living richly as a human being.

In the rush of being part of life, there are times to play, time for quiet, time for creative visioning.

Take time to be quiet.  Choose which Expressive Journal Activity you feel like exploring

Creative Journal activities are completely confidential, and give space to another dimension of life.

See yourself as a seed growing day by day putting out leaves, buds and flowers. Each challenge brings an insight.  This is the hardest thing to do, but it is the only way through. Nature has said it all, and if you look around you will know every part of natural life has the same cycle within it.  Truth is always available through living each day as if your last.

Click on these links to view or download a pdf Worksheet:

Ground Rules for CJRead the Ground Rules first

Prompts for CJ for childrenprompts to begin creative journaling – free scribbling, whatever comes….

Reflecting Feelings your need for time to reflect on experience.

Praising – accept the hero’s journey as an important task

Reflective Listening make it a personal self-talk

Saying what we feel – releasing difficult feelings to yourself

Visualise what you want renew your self commitment

Suppressing feelingscare and listening to yourself

The following journal activities are adapted with gratitude from ‘Creative Journal for Parents’ by Lucia Capacchione.

How I was Raised an important reflection for a parent

Nurturing Parentan opportunity for your own inner child

Peace and Quiet time to calm down

When I was your Age childhood reflections

Play Team members using their Creative Journals

At the end of the day it is possible to find peace and reassurance that you have done the best you can.

‘Being a Parent’ activities:  With special thanks to Jackie Sokolov, the founder of Parent Network, for permission to reprint material contained in the following activity sheets, adapted from their Parent Training Manual: