Walking on Solar Eclipse Day (20th May 2012) on the Isle of Man

Mandala of spring flowersThe planets are a mystery to us all, but if you like to play with the special events such as solstices, eclipses and other excuses to have fun, especially out in the landscape, look to see what CLIA has on offer.
Last weekend the solar eclipse gave us a good reason to begin visioning our heart’s desire for our lives, and in between making a collage and mandala, play with circle dance and stories. The sun came out, we didn’t get a visible eclipse but in May sunshine of any sort an exciting event when the translucent leaves come out and flowers scent begins to lift off in the warmth…. wonderful. Now add the picture of a stone circle in the landscape, a dancing circle of people in a field, unsuspecting poets singing their own song, and you have a scene from heaven on earth. It was. We munched dates and nuts, told stories as the sun emerged, and tip-toed round the cows with their calves who circled a tiny, white quartz stone circle: Orrisdale.

This is the poem we composed and sang:

Crows roaring all over the sky,
A chair in a beautiful garden –
I see life from another perspective:
Fertile beauty.
Together we will make a thousand suns,
And all our hard work is now turned into light.

Here are the collages done by Richard, Charlotte and Ali

Collage by RichardCollage by CharlotteCollage by Ali

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