Vision Collages

Diving deep and finding infinite space of the heart.

Vision Collage ‘pictures into’ our non-verbal experiences, into deeper meanings of the Inner Sage.

The experience of being awake in our own inner space is wordless, but nevertheless rich and symbollic, potent with impressions. Texts can jump out of a page for no apparent reason, and form metaphors, become poetic experiments with meaning.

During a Visioning(R) workshops long periods of meditative dialogue with our inner space are held within an atmosphere of peace and quiet, and only when images have been formed is there a new verbal expression to match what was wordless.

Sharing Vision images

After a day of contemplation and creative reverie, sharing is one of the high points of the day, and it leads to a celebration of the possible, a joy and release into pictures of our heart’s desire.

After an in depth training in Vision(R) Coaching this collage is crazy happy.

Gratitude and celebration are key rituals to manifesting the life of your dreams.  The picture of success IS the first success you can achieve, for once something is visualised whole heartedly, it is also intended, and thus becomes magnetised into your life one way or another.  Vision(R) Coaching cultivates that magnetic intention and passion for the possible.

‘If you can dream it you can do it.’ Walt Disney


Creating Healing Space with sandtray mandalas and vision collage.


A sandtray mandala symbolising ancestoral memories.

Sandtray mandala’s honouring the ancestors help to balance vision collages that encapsulate a vision for the future, and form a magnetic ritual healing space for deep memory obstacles.

Resonance and rhythm:   Drumming empowers the healing space within our hearts and grounds the magnetic energy of intention into our hands and feet.


Empowering our Vision of Healing.

The Phoenix Centre, Suffolk, 2009.

Sacred Site collage

Sacred Site collage from the Isle of Man, with Mandala used Circle Dance focus.

Resonnance of sound and rhythm in the body

Research into the effect of drum rhythms on the nervous system found that nerve fibres oscillated throughout the body, releasing chemicals such as oxytocin found in the immune system.  It is this ‘chemical of friendship’ that is released in sound and meditation and the practice of creative reverie.  It magnetises a group’s collective memory of making vision collage that expresses a heart-felt wish.  Also effective on the body’s magnetism is Circle Dance. In this activity, the circular motion of people in synchrony creates a vortex of harmonious resonance, at least this is the common pleasurable experience of many dancers once the steps are learned and become automatic.

Magnetising memory through resonance.  When we create fresh vision for the future, it can become embedded within our neural networks through the power of rhythm and resonance, making magnetic imagery available to our conscious mind.  This magnetism draws synchronous events to us, that enhance the potency of our visioning.  In our bodies, cellular resonance can be imprinted with harmonics of sound. Read more HERE.

Sound in the landscape also becomes enhanced through natural bio-electric phenomena.

Bioelectricity of Trees 

Researchers at Yale University found that trees had a bioelectric field around them. This fluctuates according to times of the year, and explains why people of old made ‘tree shrines’ and sought healing or expanded consciousness with their rituals within the landscape. 


During Bardic Walks, in Wistman’s Wood Dartmoor, and Kingley Vale Sussex, the ancient Oak and yew trees provided a distinct sense of atmosphere, inspiring meditation and improvisation

WW altar stone group




Wistman’s Wood.DSCF1117Kingley Vale.

Ancient dwarf oaks, Wistman’s Wood, Dartmoor.

Exmoor … inspiring more collage:

Cow Castle scan2


Cow Castle, at the Centre of Exmoor, with stone balance sculptures by Michael Loxton.


… playful gnomes capture the atmosphere of nature….

Kingley Vale Goblins